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Gautama Buddha

According to tradition was born as a Sakya prince of the royal family (which is why later called Buddha Shakyamuni). Within 29 years he lived a comfortable life of a local ruler's son, married (wife Jasódhara) and had a son (Rahul). Then - without having seen a newborn son - left home and pursued a variety of practices by which he wanted to achieve liberation from suffering which is associated with the existence of each, and the continual cycle of rebirths (samsara). Finally, according to legend, at age 35 discovered the middle path that avoids all extremes, and became enlightened, the final liberation from suffering and the cycle of life. The next 45 years, passed his teachings, whether monks (he founded the first monastic communities in the world) and the laity. He died surrounded by his monastic followers.


Siddhartha sat under the Bodhi tree, at a place now called Bodh Gaya, and said that he would have stayed there until it does not solve the mystery of suffering. Meditated for 49 days, during which he appeared to the demon Mara as the embodiment of ignorance on the path to enlightenment. Mara showed him my beautiful "daughter", ie, Desire, Pleasure and Passion, promised over the world, and when it was not enough, frightening conspiracies which allegedly threw his wife of Siddhartha to prison. At the end of the hordes of demons sent to napastowały meditator storm and hurricanes. Over the last three days meditating Gautama Siddhartha met all of its incarnations, he learned the secret of sorrow (dukkha), realized that the world is full of suffering and learned what to do man to triumph over suffering (the four noble truths). Reached a state of complete enlightenment. It was Anuttara samjak sambodhi - the highest full, liberation from suffering and the understanding of its causes. From that moment it was called the Buddha - awakened. After reaching this state the next seven weeks sitting under the Bodhi tree meditating over what to do when you reach enlightenment. For a time he wondered whether he should proclaim his wisdom, but then came down to him, Brahma and dispelled his doubts. Buddha walked away from the tree so i went to Jelení Park, where he met his five former companions - ascetics. He gave them their first legendary sermon, let the traffic circle of the Law.